Generative Bodies

Untitled (#37) 43" x 16" (2009) - Digital Giclée Monoprint on Treated Panel

The Generative Bodies series continues work in the realm of generative art and addressing interests explored as part of complexity science. Along with the mounted images a computer is installed running a simplified version of the software used to create the panels. This allows visitors to evolve their own generative variations. Generative Bodies is as much about the generative process as it is the final results, and the hope is that the interactive program will combine with the panels to deliver an experience grounded in both formalism and dynamism.

The Generative Bodies panels are created using software simulates biological evolution. It is an elaboration of Karl Sim's original work treating mathematical expressions as genes. Through a process of reproduction, mutation, and selection color schemes, compositions, and mark styles evolve and combine to create each image. Working this way is not unlike the breeding process gardeners and farmers practice in the creation of improved crops and animals.

Note that each body is proportioned according to the 3 traditional human generative centers: the brain, heart, and genitals.

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