GA1 Lightbox Drawings

Untitled (F080245C) 40" x 30" (1999)

These drawings were created using evolutionary software coded by the artist. The software system used is called GA1 and has been described in the paper GA2 - A Programming Environment For Abstract Generative Fine Art

The overall composition of each drawing is based on circles and golden proportion ellipses. Digital chromosomes determine the color, shape, size, and structure of the various individuals which aggregate to create the large circular forms. As in plants, the expression of identical chromosomes result in unique, yet visually similar, instances.

The lightbox drawings were imaged on standard photographic transparency materials, and then mounted in industrial lightboxes with color controlled lamps. Created on a Lightjet processor, each resulting transparency is a 300 dpi exposure with over 100 million fully rendered continuous tone dots.

Due to the combination of scale and very fine marks, the lightbox drawings are difficult to display properly on a computer display. The detail images provided here will display at their approximate actual size, but at a greatly reduced resolution.

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