GA1 generative animation

Untitled (Worms) V031545 60 minutes (1999)

In installation the video is projected on a full wall, and is carefully adjusted to retain a very black background to obscure the video frame. This makes the various "worms" appear to be wandering freely.

There are four groups of worms, and each group has a unique shared chromosome. The chromosome contains genes which determine not only the color and style of the worms, but also the way they make sound, and the way they move. For example, worms of one color make long strides, while others make tight circles, and yet others make angular turns.

Each group has its own set of pitches, and the 4 groups of pitches have harmonic relationships. When the worms are tightly bunched the timbres shift to more percussive sounds. Each worm moves and makes sound independently while cycling through the visual score shown to the right.

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